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Life After Loss: Contemporary Grief Counseling and Therapy

Featuring Jackson Rainer, PhD, ABPP, psychologist, author, and grief expert

Join Dr. Rainer for the latest view of grief and bereavement counseling, and a discussion of best therapeutic practices for this special population. With examples from his latest book, Life After Loss: Contemporary Grief Counseling and Therapy, he will share new practices of healing, meaning making, and speak to the myth of closure in grief work.


Life After Loss: Contemporary Grief Counseling and Therapy

The process of grief does not change a person as much as it reveals another part of the self

Life After Loss: Contemporary Grief Counseling and Therapy is a reader friendly book with tools, techniques, and compass points to help others with the experience of grief.  Going beyond the well-known but outmoded stage theories of grief, this book explores and illustrates new models of treatment, and applying them to the lives of bereaved clients. 

Topics include:

  • Clinical practices for natural and complicated grief processes
  • Changing stage theories of grief
  • Emotions in grief
  • Impact of death on the family
  • Death, grief, and spirituality
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Social and cultural ceremonies of death
  • Meaning making and growth following loss


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Grief, bereavement and loss
Jackson Rainer, Ph.D., ABPP
1 Hour 01 Minutes
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Digital Recordings



This online program is worth 1.0 hours CPD.


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Target Audience

Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Case Managers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Addiction Counselors, Nurses, Other Mental Health Professionals


  • Define contemporary changes in approaches to grief counseling 
  • Apply current research to typical grief and bereavement therapy practices
  • Identify clinical issues of the grieving client
  • Describe natural and typical responses to loss
  • Gain interventions and best practices for grief counseling and therapy


  • Processes of grief
  • Typical vs complicated grief
  • The history of Kubler-Ross and the shift to a new paradigm
  • Interventions
    • Resilience
    • Meaning-Making
    • Healing

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