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Early Interventions: Social-Emotional, Sensory & ASD Development


What if we told you that you could prevent disruptive and social-emotional behavioral concerns in children? Even for those exhibiting early signs of Autism?
You CAN! When you're able to identify the subtle signs of developmental delays and diagnose early, you can effectively interrupt and replace the behavioral concerns with effective treatment strategies. With this online course, you'll walk away confident in your ability to make positive changes at an early age to influence children's behaviors and help improve self-regulation, social skills, and overall development.
Gain the activities and resources you need to promote long-lasting social-emotional growth for infants and young children who have developmental delays, behavior issues or speech and language delays:

  • Treatment techniques to STOP temper tantrums and meltdowns, including difficulty with transitions
  • Assessment tools to identify the early and subtle signs of autism and sensory processing disorders
  • Brain-based interventions to keep children on-task and focused on people or activities
  • Strategies to incorporate into the home, daycare, school, and clinic
  • And so much more!

Through case studies and video demonstrations, you'll sharpen your critical observational skills to recognize the symptoms early and develop children's performance in executive function, pre-academics, and motor skills before their disruptive coping behaviors become their norm later in life...


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Children and Young People
Karen Lea Hyche, OTD, OTR/L |  Susan Hamre, MA, CCC-SLP
18 Hours 10 Minutes
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Online Course



This online program is worth 18.5 hours CPD.


Social-Emotional Development:
Successful Sensory-Based Strategies for Birth to 5 Years
National expert, Karen Hyche OTD, OTR/L, will share her 20+ years of experience to bring you the strategies you need when working with infants and young children who have sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorder, development delays, behavior issues or speech and language delays to improve their social-emotional development. Social-emotional health is influenced by our physical and sensory system as well as our environment... that's why Karen will also provide you with treatment techniques that work in the home, daycare, school, and clinic.
Sensory Motor Play:
Improving Self-Regulation, Social Skills, and Development
Join Robbie Levy, MA, OTR/L as you uncover how sensory, motor and play activities impact self-regulation, social skills, and development. Learn cutting-edge, brain-based interventions for kids exhibiting excessive temper tantrums, limited motor skills, overly aggressive play, and much more...
Assessment & Treatment Strategies for Birth to 5
With over 40 years of experience, autism expert Susan Hamre, MA, CCC-SLP will help you sharpen your critical observational skills to recognize the early and subtle signs of autism. You'll learn the behavioral differences between neurotypical and at-risk infants so that once a diagnosis is made, treatment can begin immediately. Walk away with new and improved strategies to reduce 'coping behaviors' like meltdowns, sensory challenges, under-developed communication and more.

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