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Art Therapy: Creative Interventions for Kids with Trauma, ADHD, Mood Disorders & More

Do you work with challenging children and families who seem absolutely resistant to every strategy you try? You want to guide them to a breakthrough but they shut down, meltdown, or act out... there is a disconnect between your client and your therapeutic approach.
When words are not enough, art can be the bridge to mental, physical and emotional well–being.
By utilizing art in therapy, you can blend cognitive behavioral skills, art-making, and creative problem solving to help clients create individualized social, emotional, and behavioral interventions that stick in their brain.
Now, this revolutionary course gives you step-by-step instructions to implement fresh new art strategies and approaches into your practice to help children regulate their emotions and behaviors formed by their struggles with trauma, ADHD, ASD, ODD, Anxiety, or Mood Disorders. You will understand when & what art supplies to use, how to recognize when your client needs more support, how to reel back when you have pushed them too far, and language you can use to talk about what your client's art creations are reflecting.
Re-energize your work with this dynamic, intervention-packed training and gain 77 approaches you can use immediately in your practice for continued growth!
No art experience is necessary, just an open mind to creativity.


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Children and Young People
Laura Dessauer, Ed.D., ATR-BC |  Susan I Buchalter
6 Hours 01 Minutes
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Online Course



This online program is worth 6.25 hours CPD.


77 Creative Interventions for Challenging Children Who Shut Down, Meltdown, or Act Out
In five in-depth video modules, you'll explore the essentials of utilizing art in therapy, practical techniques to implement it into your practice, and gain 77 fresh art strategies and approaches that you can use immediately to engage even your most difficult and challenging clients.

Module 1: The Who, What & Why's of Art Therapy

  • What is art therapy
  • Who are art therapists and what do they do
  • Benefits of art therapy

Module 2: Implications & Background Knowledge

  • Ethical implications and limitations to practicing art therapy
  • Understanding the clinical impact between creating products and the creative process
  • Safety precautions to take when implementing art into your practice
  • 5 finger contract you can use with your clients

Module 3: Clinical Application of Using Art in Your Therapy Practice

  • When to use which art materials
  • Mini assessment strategies
  • Cognitive behavior strategies
  • Normative development stages of drawing
  • Indicators that your client needs more support
  • Understanding why children shut down, meltdown & act out

Module 4: Creating a Plan for Implementation

  • Strategies to build relationships and connections
    • For ASD, Trauma, & ODD
  • Techniques to build a sense of safety
    • For Trauma, Anxiety, & Mood Disorders
  • Critical thinking skills: 6 steps of the decision-making process
  • Techniques and strategies to build self-esteem
    • For ADHD, Anxiety, & Mood Disorders
Module 5: Therapeutic Strategies & Real Art Examples
  • Real examples of client's art pieces
  • Techniques and strategies to increase responsibility
    • For ADHD, Trauma, ASD, ODD, Anxiety, & Mood Disorders
  • Strategies to increase control
    • For ADHD, Anxiety, & Mood Disorders
  • What to do when you push a client too far
Walk away with step-by-step protocol that you can begin using immediately to help children regulate their emotions and behaviors and thrive in life. Get started today!

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